You need to finish an application for each load of asbestos you want to dispose of, and submit it to council no later than 48 hours earlier than the date you might be planning to get rid of the asbestos. An asbestos disposal guideline is included with the applying kind.Chrysotile is categorised to the serpentine group, with the remaining 5 sorts t… Read More

From the Second World War to 1954 over 70,000 homes were constructed from asbestos in New South Wales alone, accounting for fifty two% of all houses built. In Australia as an entire, till the Nineteen Sixties, no less than 25% of all new housing was clad in asbestos cement. Asbestos products continued to be extensively utilized in a range of buildi… Read More

The impression of labor on individuals's well being is advanced and multi-faceted. Evidence suggests that work could be helpful for people's bodily and emotional wellbeing, fairly other than the monetary rewards related to employment. ( Endnote 1 ) Yet there are also elements of labor that may pose dangers to workers' well being and security.Certif… Read More

Under regulation 475 air monitoring have to be conducted in any respect licensed asbestos removals by an independent licensed asbestos assessor. This requirement additionally applies to Class B removals through transitional regulation 726.From discussions we've got had with many strata managers in the Victorian market there appears to be confusion … Read More

WorkSafe Victoria plans to deliver an ‘in-situ' asbestos undertaking to factories and to the health and training sectors from 2015 to 2017. The challenge entails the selling of recent asbestos guidance and WorkSafe inspections across Victoria.Most of us are conscious that asbestos is a critical well being hazard and any publicity danger should be… Read More